Construction Facilities for Manifah Field Causeway

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Construction of Temporary Camp and Site Facilities at Manifah Field Causeway. The work includes but not limited to earthwork, cut and fill 50 cm, compacting 15 cm thick marl and base course 20cm thick, asphalt 7 cm thickness and MCI, fabrication, supply and erection of 22,000 meter square prefab units (Aramco and JDN camp and offices) including support facilities: kitchen, recreation, gymnasium, mosques, fully furnished including all equipments, A/C work, utilities, electrical works, including cables, panel boards, generators, street lighting, water network, including R.O. Plant, pipes, pumps, tanks, sewer network, including Sewage Treatment Plant, pipes, manholes, lift station. It includes also date and telecommunication works, MATV System, including all equipments, plantations and irrigation system, sport facilities and sport area.

Location:- Manifah Field Causeway

Client:- Jan De Nul and Saudi Aramco (owner)

Start Date: 25 May 2007

End Date: 10 Jan 2008