TR Site Camp Facilities and Services Hawiyah Gas Plant Expansion

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The Work includes detailed engineering and provision of all necessary permits/approval, material procurement, material packing and transportation to site, erection, civil works, testing and commissioning, supply and maintenance at site of spare parts for a period of 33 months. The scope of work includes the construction of 4500m2 prefab units, camp including kitchen, mess hall, laundry, recreation and other facilities. All units are fully furnished with furniture and air condition units. The work includes leisure areas such as basketball court, volley ball court, tennis, etc., it includes complete site development with complete utilities such as electrical, water sewer, roads, etc.

Location:- Hawiyah Gas Plant Expansion

Client:- Saudi Aramco (Tecnicas Reunidas)

Start Date: 12 Apr 2006

End Date: 15 Aug 2006